About Us

Stop being angry, be effective!

This is not politics as usual. This is not about a political organization. Actually, this page is about me and my dream.  My name is Joanne Williams. I am a wife and mother, a hard working taxpayer who takes as many opportunities as I can to make myself heard.  I go to the meetings, my son and I went to the Washington march, I sign petitions, and still I feel that my elected officials are not listening.

This campaign is an opportunity to really be noticed. I can see my colorful postcards, intermingled with your postcards, all hitting the Senators' and Representatives' bags of regular mail, with enough splashing of color for them to wonder what is going on.  If enough of us participate in this Splash campaign, then we will be noticed.  Join me in reminding our elected officials that we did not put them in office with a mandate to do whatever they want.  Help me remind them that we are watching, and we will be heard.

If you are part of a group that wants to Splash, we can put your logos and message on your own page.  Just contact me at jw@splashtheirmail.com.